The Shop

The Shop


?Never assume a frogman is dead until you find his body.? ? Navy SEAL sayingWhen former Navy SEAL Cyril Landry and his team of assassins ? mercenaries hired by a shadowy entity known as The Shop ? enter a chalet in Aspen, Colorado, he recognizes pop star Brienne Cross as his target. As he is about to kill her, she wakes and looks into his eyes. He has that one moment with her, and then she is dead by his bullet. Someone with a higher pay scale than Landry ordered the hit. As Brienne's last look haunts him, Landry wants to know why.At first glance, the shooting death of a police chief in a rundown Florida motel appears to be an assignation gone wrong. But as detective Jolie Burke plumbs deeper into the crime's murky undercurrents, she unveils a conspiracy shocking in its scope. In her relentless pursuit of justice, Burke follows a byzantine path that will take her from blue collar lottery-driven fantasies to a Panama City Beach missing-persons case and finally to the island compound of her estranged uncle ? the Attorney General of the United States. As the stakes rise, Jolie finds herself teamed with the unlikeliest of partners, The Shop's top assassin, Cyril Landry. Only together can they dismantle The Shop ? before it strikes again.

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J. Carson Black
Paperback | 368 pages
Publication date
31 Jan 2012
Thomas & Mercer