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Playing Growtopia for beginners


If you are still a beginner in playing Growtopia, it might be hard for you to adapt and become one of the top players in this adventure game. However, do not worry if you are still figuring out what to do because here is a complete guideline as well as Growtopia hack online that you could use while playing the game.



First things first, you have to know that punching is very important in playing Growtopia. By punching you will be able to break some stuff and you could also attack players who are trying to steal your items. In order to punch, you have to touch anywhere aside from yourself on the screen. However, always remember that if you tend to punch in a locked area you will not be able to break anything that you wanted. You can only break something in an area that is already unlocked and not only that but you will be able to gather some seeds and collect some gems, too.


Locked area

You know that the area is locked because the player is securing his items from being stolen by other players and avoiding them from breaking it as well. If you wanted to lock your world too, you could buy a lock in a store. The lock ranges from small lock to big lock to huge lock up to a world lock that will protect your whole world from players who are planning to attack and steal your items.



Splicing is done by putting two seeds together while breaking. It’s up to you from the combination of the seeds that you wanted. By splicing, you will get some very rare items especially if you tend to splice two rare items. There are recipes sections in the Growtopia that you can visit so that you will have an idea in splicing.


Clothes and items

Items are just clothes that are spliced using other seeds. However, dirt, lava, rocks, cave background are exempted as well as several event items. You can place the items by tapping the screen, and if you wanted to wear certain clothing, then you should tap it twice so that your avatar will change into the clothing that you like.



To edit or modify the properties of the items then you can use the wrench. For instance, if you wanted to close a house entrance you should use a wrench in doing so or if you wanted to open it again to public then you should use the wrench again. You should also use the wrench for yourself so that you will have access to the worlds that you have already locked. But for those who are planning to use the wrench to other players that are already called trading. A trade menu will pop up. You could also have a world lock that will protect your items and ban players from entering your world and steal your items.

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